Cycles Are Not Complete, The Starting Point is Different

Today I am wearing my first pair of heels, riding on the “grown ups” rollercoaster and getting my first credit card. I am talking metaphorically, of course. A metaphor for growing.

I decided to transfer to self-hosting because I want my blog to grow.

Since we are born we start to grow in height until just about our twenties. Do we then stop growing? Physically, yes. Just physically.

We keep growing in the form of intellectual and mental health, as well as professional growth. It is an internal growth as opposed to an external manifestation of human development.

Once we reach adulthood we prepare ourselves for the future by setting our feet into college or university and feeding our brain with all sorts of equations and concepts.

I went self-hosted all by myself, with no help from experts and I for sure I am no expert at all.

When you leave high school that is how it usually works, you just have to go out there and make it work.

I am still learning and I still have many things to figure out now that I am in control of my blog but I am excited to start this journey with you.

Just as the start of a race, there will be all sorts of thoughts cruising through your mind: excitement, worry, drive and happiness. There is a finish line in your mind that calls you.

Very soon you realize that the race is quite long and there are quite a few bumps in the road. Nobody told you that it was an obstacles race.

The truth is that it actually you are not running an obstacles race but a cyclical race.

Growth comes in a round, cyclical shape.

I am watching the birth of my blog but now the movie seems different.

When making the transfer there were some aspects that I had to re-think such as the design, format, blog purpose and even content that I will be publishing. Was I starter again? Yes. Was I starting from the same place? No.

Seasons run in cycles and the sun will go to sleep and come back up again the next morning in a cycling motion. However, was last winter exactly the same as this winter? It was similar but not exactly the same. It was cold and snowy yet not identical. Maybe tomorrow it may not be that sunnier or may even rain a bit.

This is a new blog on the outside but on the inside it carries my knowledge and experience over the past year. It might not be a substantial growth but I am one mile or two further in my personal race.

The finish line will move further or I may even cross it several times as I continue to take on challenges and experience life.


These are some cycles that will run through your life:

Surprisingly or not a routine actually changes, it grows. You may start by adding 5 minutes of meditation every day and after a couple of months you may find yourself adding 20 minutes of journaling, 20 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes of affirmations. Equally, perhaps you check your e-mail every morning but you may change systems, programs or tactics to make this process faster. You will do it daily but over months or years it will have grown.

You will meet your significantly other many times. Every time you will experience the same feelings of excitement, love and passion. Each of these times will be different and you will not be starting at the same point because you will have grown to know better. It is a cycle that that we strive to make every time longer. We don’t want to race it but walk it through gently.

Cycles of starting something new or different, something that sparks up your interest. We may start the cycle inexperienced, for instance, becoming a runner having never been fond of exercising. Every new event that you sign up for will seem new, fresh and a challenge indeed. However, once you sign up for a 5k, 10k or even Triathlon, you don’t start the cycle from the same point. There is growth and experience in your life backpack.


A cycle doesn’t take you back to the same place it just allows you to start again from a different place and with a better view.

This is a big step I am taking to grow my blog and I might be at the start of the cycle (again) but I am not at the beginning.

Thank you for keeping up with me…and with this post ( I know it is all over the place!)


Your turn:

-Have you experienced growth lately?

-Any advice for going self-hosted?

What do you think?

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