Forget Pinterest, Buy A Plane Ticket and Finally Learn How To Cook

There is nothing more delicious and affordable than to be able to prepare a delicious dinner made from ingredients coming from your back garden. That is the highest and most accurate epitome of local food. However, I say that is like only speaking one language.

In today’s working environment language skills are a must and there is no doubt that the best way to learn a new language is by traveling to that same country where the language is from.

With food we have the same issue. There are thousands of different cuisines and even more if we count the ones that are starting to fuse together (sushiburrito?). People are avid to try new foods, new cuisines and obviously learn how to cook them. However, browsing for a recipe on Pinterest is like learning a language by listening to a recorded class.

If you want to learn a language you have to travel, if you want to cook that new ethnic dish you so much love, you have to travel.

I would argue that one of the main attractions of closing the computer and taking a trip to an exotic destination is the culinary experience. Whether that is to be able to enjoy the wide variety of menu items served at a hotel’s buffet or perhaps to truly relish a quiet evening at a fine dining restaurant by the beach,. Either way, food is undeniably a big stake in a trip.

Many cuisines cross borders and make their appearances in new countries. This is why in the same neighborhood one can enjoy Mediterranean food for breakfast, Chinese for lunch and Indian dishes for dinner. However, while local ingredients harvested in the correct season and allowed to ripen to full maturity can make food taste much more decadent, there is often something missing in the recipe. To fully agree that it tastes exactly like the original recipe from the country of origin often endures a hard process.

I believe that one of the most powerful factors that make trips and vacations substantively special is the ability to enjoy food that cannot be replicated anywhere else. That is local cuisine made by local people with local ingredients and lots of love.

There are ways that we can take advantage of our desire to enjoy the flavorful dishes tasted when traveling abroad. That is because these culinary experiences can be relished from a practical standpoint. Yes, there is such a thing as cooking classes being offered by gorgeous hotels across the world.

Here are a few that perhaps can jump start your culinary learning trips:

1. Hotel Il Pellicano, Tuscany, Italy

Italian cuisine acclaimed for containing a variety of fresh produce, lean meats and healthy fats is perhaps one of the most consumed and replicated cuisines across the world. Many people will consume versions of famous Italian dishes; however, not many may actually pass a blind test from a true Italian “mamma”.

In the Tuscany Maremma area stands the stunning love nest turned five star lodging facility called Hotel Il Pellicano. What once was the home of two passionate lovers eventually transformed into a completely magical property with true Italian heritage.

Il Pellicano offers cooking classes as part of their experiences offer from Executive Chef Sebastiano Lomabardi. Only offered during the low season participants will be able to learn the secrets behind the Italian essence, while savoring a glass of wine and following step by step the indications from the expert as the original recipe recalls.

2. Mantra Samui Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand

Stepping into a food market in Thailand may become a fascinating experience for many travelers due to the assortment of non-traditional fruits, vegetables and spices offered by many vendors. These ingredients definitely give a unique and interesting flavor to the genuinely local Thai cuisine.

Koh Samui, an Island on the East coast of Thailand, hides a hospitality gem among white virgin beaches and dark green rainforests. Mantra Samui Resort, a luxurious property on Bophut town, welcomes guests to enjoy a relaxing and nurturing stay.

On Tuesday afternoons, the Chefs from the hotel offer a truly Thai cooking experience, where participants may learn the correct steps to successfully prepare a succulent Pad Thai and many other popular dishes that have transcended barriers to new continents.

3. Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee

Situated in the Great Smoky Mountains, away from the urban madness one can find a farm with a feverishly history behind it. Since Florida and Dave Laiser set their eyes on the majesty of the area for their dream home, time has come to gift us with an idyllic place full of love, nurture and peace.

Blackberry Farm offers elegant and distinguished bedrooms to rest in the comfort and quietness of nature. However, it is not only a place to stay but an opportunity to venture into the wilderness and enjoy an outdoors activity.

Unique to Blackberry Farm is its cooking school and epicurean events. The property publishes an events calendar that is full of enriching culinary experiences characterized for being offered by renowned Chefs and personalities including Martha Stewart, Chef Alice Waters and Vintner John Schwartz. The events include cooking demonstrations, group meals, wine pairings and intimate settings.

Enjoying a fresh, flavorful and genuinely beautiful meal overlooking the Mediterranean sea, underneath a palm or coconut tree, or breathing the fresh air of the countryside, is definitely a priceless experience. However, what if we could elevate these experiences by learning how to make truly original recipes? What if our attempts to make those dishes at home could get a little bit closer to the original?


Your turn:

-Have you taken cooking classes?

-What are your favorite cuisines?

-How did you learn how to cook?

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