Should We Be Filling Up Our Food Plates?

There has to be a reason for plates being the size they are, right? Entrée plates are larger while dessert plates are smaller. We should by theory have a smaller sweet treat as compared to our main course.

“Eat more food” is simply a statement that doesn’t get that much exposure or maybe a good one. Filling those main course plates is something that perhaps is only acceptable when enjoying a decadent buffet lunch or dinner. Those times plates are just too small.

For the rest of times, there is just too much food on the plate.

The Simplest and Easiest Way to Eat More

More food doesn’t necessarily mean that you are literally eating bigger quantities of food yet you can be tasting more of it.

It is not hard to fall in love with a couple of foods that will make up your breakfast, snack or any other meal as long as your sanity can bare it. I will go for periods of looking for my favorite foods just about everywhere and spending more than usual when I can only find them in a specialty store out of town. It happens.

When you eat the same food every day whether that is because you are following a meal plan or simply because you become addicted in a healthy way to them, your plate always looks the same.

You can eat more food without filling up your plate, you can eat more food by trying different foods.
Diets have such demonized reputation because they are associated with the “eat less” movement; however, some of these diets actually tell you to eat more. I have yet to see a plant based diet that calls for eating less food.

Even if you have rejected the diet attitude, it is most likely that you may be eating a hefty quantity of food yet the same food.

What can we say, we are creatures or habit, right?

We eat the same things. If we are on a diet, then we normally eat the same of what we don’t like. If we aren’t on a diet, then we eat the same of what we do like, like a lot.

In both cases, we do want to eat more. More of what we like in both scenarios.

Pasta Summer

However, the key is to eat more of what you think don’t like. If you don’t try at least twice, you will never know.

Sure it tastes good or it tastes safe to stick with the usual but change is good. I am sure you agree.

You can eat more food, our bodies want more food, just not the same kind over and over again.

Our bodies want new food they haven’t tasted before. They want new food that they haven’t tasted in a while. They want new food that they know they are treated to once in a a while.

We can eat more if we eat different. Sometimes there is no need to fill up your plate but that doesn’t mean that you have to eat less. It means that it may be better to vary the contents and taste an array of foods.

Eat More, Eat Different.

Your turn:

-What is a food you always need to have in your fridge/pantry?

-Do you fill up your plate?

-What new foods have you tried recently?

What do you think?

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