Stop Thinking That You Can’t Always Win

When you spend $2 on a lottery ticket and use a coin to scratch the silver box you know there is a very unlikely chance that you will win the big prize or any prize at all. You will most likely loose.

This example can be seen every day, all around the world, by thousands of people who buy a lottery ticket, but we rarely give it any importance. We are loosing, in this case money, but we most often don’t care.

Is $2 not enough for us to care? I don’t think so or we wouldn’t fall for the Starbucks deal every Tuesday afternoon that calls for $2 off of our favorite beverage. I most definitely share a little squeak when I get to save those $2.

Couldn’t it be that we aren’t actually losing those $2; but actually winning something else?

You are not winning back those $2 dollars but maybe there is a free lottery ticket written in that silver box. You may never get those $2 dollars back and always scratch the coin to find another free lottery ticket but it is not a dead loss. It is a different win.

Beyond the monetary factor, why don’t we take into account that perhaps we won a little excitement or thrill for the 30 seconds it took us to scratch the silver box when we know we have a 12 hours work day in front of us?

We tend to think that “sometimes we win and sometimes we loose”, but we are wrong. We always win, maybe we have to stop thinking that winning is another word for expectation.

We expect to win at least those $2 back so when those expectations are not met, then we immediately have lost something. Wrong.

“Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You ALSO win”
Some people will say that I tend to look on the bright side of things and think positively about an outcome. The truth is I see the negative side but only for a minute until I find the positive that always comes alongside.

You need to see both ends in order to be able to pick the one that will take you further. In every scenario there is a chance to win, it just may take more effort to let it come through.


Are You Missing on Winning Opportunities

–>You win when you put yourself first AND when you put others first
We are either extroverts or introverts, selfish or caring, individualistic or group oriented. In some cases we are told to care more about our own self and other times to think more about the people around us. If we are one of these we are loosing on being the other.

The truth is that you can win if you put yourself first and/or if you put others first. They are not exclusive nor one must replace the other. You can schedule time weekly to enjoy some time alone, relaxing and catching up with your body AND be thoughtful and caring about other people.

However, there are times when you need more of one than the other and you should not feel that you are loosing for choosing. There are times when you are winning from detaching from stress and packed schedules for some down time. Other times, you may feel that you can be of aid to others that may be in a difficult situation or in pain.

Either way there is no loss when you are taking care for an individual, whether that is yourself or others.


–>You win when you make a decision AND when you make no decisions at all
I am extremely indecisive and it makes me crazy. However, once I make a decision I am stubborn to not change it. I know that I should try to make decisions much more easily because most of the time, the outcome is not that big of a deal. For instance, I would always doubt between two items for a gift. They may be two very similar or different items but in both cases the other person will most likely never get to see the item I didn’t pick. Whatever I choose they don’t have the second item to compare it with.

When you make a decision you are not loosing whatever you give up, you are winning what you ended up choosing. With a choice there is a win not a loss but with no choice there is also a win. The other person has no choice to make. Not having the need to choose the gift eliminated the loss aspect. Their win was simply getting a gift.

Decisions may look like losses when you have to make choices but when you are not asked to make the choice or can’t choose then it may be that every outcome is a win. That red eye flight on a rainy day might come in as a huge win.

Happy Coffee

–>You win when you spend money AND when you save money
Those who have more money seem to spend it more and those who have less seem to save more. Nonetheless, that is not always the case and everyone spends much more than we might want to.

If we spend we feel a short term win but when we save we say that we are doing it for the long run. Either way there is a win, right? Only that we loose as well.

Spending on a vacation might mean stricter months prior to and saving the extra trip might mean purchasing a bigger house. The key is to not pick a battlefront and fight against the opposing front but to actually join forces.

How can you spend AND save AND win? By spending on those things that will allow you to save.

You might ask how can a vacation allow me to save? Well, is a vacation going to remove all the stress that is causing major blockage at work? Is a vacation a hidden opportunity to find a new client for a future project? Is your expenditure giving you a short term AND long-term win?


Winning is not a rare chance. , we just tend to focus on everything that we loose just because we believe that we cannot always win. If we see that we are winning more often, perhaps we might be sporting more medals, bigger smiles and stepping on more podiums.


Your turn:

-Are you easy on making decisions?

-What has been one of your biggest wins?

-Do you buy lottery tickets?

What do you think?

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