The Word To Stop Using On Recipe Names and What To Use Instead The Word To Stop Using On Recipe Names and What To Use Instead

When you are starting your weight loss journey with the goal of becoming healthy, it is most likely that anything that has the word “healthy” in its name, description or image will catch your eye.

I am also sure that for anyone who profoundly enjoys this lifestyle as much as I do, that same word will still at least make you want to stop on your feet and check out what this new healthy thing is all about.

And where does “healthy” appear the most in?


Try typing “healthy food” on a search engine and you will be bombarded with all kinds of web pages that have those two words somewhere across its content. I actually did a Google search and I got 722 million results.

Food is amazing; there is no doubt about that. When we eat our body immediately responds. It can energize us when we are physically or mentally tired, it can calm us down when we are stressed or tensed. When this food has been prepared or cooked in a “healthy” way then it comes with an added bonus. The effects it has on our body are heightened.

The term healthy is very attractive and so it has become a popular resource for recipe creators or those sharing delicious creations for the rest of us to taste.

Honestly, how many recipes either start or include within the name the term “healthy”?

You might have seen healthy bread, healthy smoothie, healthy breakfast bowl, healthy chicken and so much more healthy-named recipes.

While I have shared before that recipes can actually make cooking so much more complicated than it is, recipes can be a starting point to start transitioning into healthier eating habits. Once you are there these can now be used for inspiration and ultimately for starting up some intuitive cooking. Make sure to always bring in a little bit of you every time you cook, whether that is with or without a recipe.

If the recipe name has the word “healthy” in it, then it will most likely be an indication that the dish is nutritious, packed with benefits for our body and that will make us feel good.

However, recipe names can tell so much more about a dish. When so many people use the term “healthy” then eventually its definition can become blurry or abused. By swapping the word “healthy” for more detailed terms then not only will the recipe creator be able to set its dish apart and make it stand out but us food lovers will be able to click on those recipes that truly respond to our taste and needs.


3 Better Ways to Write Eye-Catching Healthy Recipes

These are three ways to replace the term “healthy” on recipes and make your dish be more appealing than all those healthy-named recipes.

1. Take it to The Senses
I can’t tell you how many times I have seen recipes that call for “Healthy Sweet Potato Fries”. There are even “perfect” sweet potato fries recipes because we all know that perfect exists, right?

If I were to choose one recipe amongst the number of sweet potato fries recipes on the web, I would most likely end up choosing based on its corresponding image (if there is one) which means there really was no point in even naming the recipe.

However, what if a recipe called for “crispy” sweet potato fries or even “spicy” and “crispy” sweet potato fires. This last one is definitely the winner.

Using these descriptive elements you are giving (metaphorically) life to these recipes, you are giving them texture and hinting the kind of ingredients and preparation method that will be used.

Moreover doesn’t “spicy” or “crispy” sound so much tastier?

2. Reveal Your Style
I would describe myself as an “oven” girl, if there is such thing. A couple years ago an oven was a mere decorative element in my kitchen but slowly I realized how it can be my food’s best friend. It genuinely gives food an enhanced flavor, improved texture and practically anything can be cooked in an oven.

If you love the oven as much as I do, tell us. Swap the term “healthy” in a recipe for terms such as “roasted” or “baked” that indicate how the dish has been cooked.

Now if the previous sweet potato recipe were to be re-phrased, as “Spicy and Crispy Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries”, wouldn’t it just make you squeal? My heart would definitely start racing.

Cooking meals in the oven is one of the healthiest cooking methods at our use and including this fact in a recipe name would only but enhance the added benefits of the dish.

If you are more of a “pan-roasting” or “grill” girl, definitely share it as there is no one best and sole way of cooking healthy. Just as there isn’t a perfect or best body shape.

Sweet Potato Roasted

3. Balance it Out With Numbers
With food moderation and balance is key. There are unquantifiable amounts of food ingredients for any meal plan or diet to be boring. The best way to make sure that you rip all the benefits from food is my balancing different foods and giving your body a variety of nutrients.

With that said, recipe names can be balanced out and enhanced by the use of numbers. For instance, specifying the number of ingredients, the time that will take you to make it or the number of pans that have to be used are ways to add in some numbers.

If the (now famous) sweet potato recipe specified that only two ingredients are needed that would give you an indication that it will most likely maintain its delicious and sweet original flavor. Similarly, if it specified that it would take you 45 minutes to cook, you would now that the cooking process is slow allowing the food to cook gently maintaining most of its nutrients.


The “term” healthy does sell a lot. When something becomes the trend it becomes the most searched item by all of us. However, it does very little when it has been used over and over again. Perhaps by becoming a bit more specific and revealing a little about your new and delicious recipe can actually set you ahead on the race.

Who would have known how little power “healthy” does actually have or how small of a meaning it has on a recipe name that says “Healthy Sweet Potatoes Fries”. Healthy doesn’t make it for me when compares to one that promises a “2 Ingredient Spicy and Crispy Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries” recipe.


Your turn:

-Does the term “healthy” usually make you choose a recipe?

-What is your favorite cooking method?

-Do you have a favorite sweet potato fries recipe?

What do you think?

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