Who Is The Right Person To Ask For The Change You Want?

I rarely raised my hand in class. Some times I would have questions but in most cases I just didn’t have any puzzled thought in my mind that I couldn’t resolve.

Was my mind sleeping or lying on a beach in Hawaii? Not at all, I was quiet but not silent, I would even dare to say that I was probably the most engaged person in the room.

“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words”. ~Elbert Hubbard

When you don’t have questions you get to start working, you are free to go and make it happen. If you don’t have questions it means you understood the theory and now you are heading onto the best part, the practical side.

However, sometimes you simply HAVE to ask. You want the answer for the physique you can’t stop looking at and the answer for everything you don’t have.

I wasn’t afraid of asking a question and today I still think that we are curious by nature and we love to ask.

However, what if questions only lead to more questions?

Who Is The Right Person To Ask For The Change You Want

If we don’t ask questions we never get answers but we tend to take advantage of our gifted inquisition very ineffectively. We ask just about everything as opposed to taking the time to process our thoughts and assess all the factors.

We ask questions to get an answer from somebody else about ourselves.

We want to know how to prepare a snack that will be healthy and comforting to fit into our busy schedules. We ask to know which exercises will make our abs pop up.

We get some answers. Then more questions come up when we realize that our taste buds never fancied nuts or when those exercises are just boring to death.

It is a classic within the health and fitness community to ask for advice, tips or even “secrets” from people who want to emulate other people’s traits. These questions are repeated over and over again. Why?

These questions translate into more questions, unnecessary questions. Worse is not the act of refraining to ask, but the act of asking, asking again and again when it is not needed.

When we ask questions, we are not listening. We are not listening to our body. If we listen closely it actually speaks wonders. Our bodies will tell us what to eat for breakfast or dinner and in most cases what exercise is burning all that fat.

Think Outside The Box

People ask how they can be successful, live happier and lead a better life. They read the answers or listen to motivator speakers. They have all the answers to now quit their job, start their own business and strive. However, they always ask again. Were the answers not clear?

They are clear and often duplicate across multiple publications, conferences, narratives and stories.

So why do people ask so many questions and not get answers?

It may be because questions are asked to the wrong people. The experts have the answers. You are an expert, an expert of your body and your life.

Every body will respond different to certain foods or exercises. A career or life direction will be unique to every individual.

There can be similarities not “identicalities”. No person is the same; no life story is the same.

I was silent in class but I was asking questions, to no other than myself.

I don’t mean to say that other people might not be able to help; they can surely have the resources to hint on the right answer. However, when only similarities exist between us, there can’t be an identical answer for all of us.

If I ever wondered what I should be having for breakfast or what steps I had to take to advance my career, I would ask.

This one question was the base of my cake, the bottom layer of my ladder. I would then, complete the answer I needed, myself.

The fewer questions you anxiously need to make, the more value to your answer you will get.

Those who you ask will never have the answer YOU need. They can guide you but you are responsible for replacing that comma you always keep adding at the end of your sentences for a big and robust period.


Your turn:

-Do you tend to ask questions or try to find the answer yourself?

-Have you ever had a question no one could answer?

What do you think?

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